Album Title: 
Dirty Dynamite
Release Date: 
Friday, April 5, 2013
Review Type: 

Say hello to the band that at some moments sounds more AC/DC-ish than AC/DC themselves do…

And to say these guys have been around for some 4 decades, and still sound as good and energetic as they ever did.  This brand new album proves that once again. And 4 decades in the running, their music is still anchored in a mix of 60ies and 70ies boogie rock and blus rock, mixed with some vintage metal.  Ofcours Marc Storace’s voice is one of the beacons of this band. Replacing him – though they’ve done it in the past – would be like Mötorhead without Lemmy I suppose.

Krokus fans, and anyone who likes AC/DC or bands sounding similar, may blindly buy this album.  Not all tracks are exceptional of course, but the complete album sounds very good, and made me smile from start to finish. I really hope that rather sooner than later someone will put these guys on the bill of Graspop Metal Meeting!