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Friday, January 18, 2013
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If you’re a fan of heavy metal à la Iron Maiden of Helloween, then read no more, but go out and buy this album immediately. Of course the vocalist is not as good as Bruce Dickinson or Andi Deris, but he’s almost there.

Musically it’s as if this band was a clone of the aforementioned lady, with great riffs, fantastic guitar duels, and songs that almost could match Maiden’s songs.  The only minor point being the lyrics in some songs, where they repeat the same phrase over and over, like in the second song ‘The Exiled’ for instance.

For a debut album this is just stunning. These five Swedish guys have been playing together for only five years or so, and thus far have released a demo and an EP.  Production on this album was done by none other than Tommy Reinxeed, and mixing by Ronny Milanowicz, and it must be said the album sounds very crispy.

I was totally flabbergasted by this album, and being a great Iron Maiden fan I’m looking forward for more material of this band.