Album Title: 
Return Of A Sonic Assassin
Release Date: 
Friday, January 4, 2013
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Although Return is Paul Hayles first solo album, the UK keyboard player is most widely known for his mid seventies membership of Hawkwind . The sonic assassins included on Lastwind are bassist Hugo Morgan (The Heads), drummer Ken Pustelnik (The Groundhogs), guitarists Latch Manghat and Sol Latif.

This is a very strong album with very little filler and it keeps growing. The instrumental title track  quickly sets the direction for the other 11 songs; a driving and vigorous piece. The Hawkwind influences are strong on the songs “Winds of time ” and  “ Monster trucks” and really comes at you with in your face dynamics and driving beats with very melodious guitarwork There are also several songs with a solid rock n roll foundation that I enjoyed. "She’s a girl" features tightly played rock n roll but done up sonic mayhem style, “King Arthur” consists of Hawkwind with a whimsical dark wave feel. "Which way when” is an explosive psychedelic stoner-metal track.

You can order the album from and you can also listen to some samples there. This is an interesting band that is really worth checking out.