Album Title: 
Center Of The Great Unknown
Release Date: 
Friday, October 12, 2012
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While back in my younger days is was very hard to find female, or even female fronted bands, nowadays we can say we’re spoiled.  But this also means that since there are that many female fronted band around nowadays, there is also a fair share of bands who are rather mediocre.

Magica, hailing from Romania, is a band that has it’s ups and downs.  Some of their songs are fantastic, others are just mediocre.  Could this be due to the fact that Magica meanders between power/symphonic metal and something I’d call pop-metal ?

While on the musical front I cannot say this is a bad band, but lacking an own sound, on the vocal front I’m having difficulties.  The reason is that Ana Mladinovici most of the times is singing in an operatic voice.  I guess she’s quite an able singer, but I like my fair portion of normal vocals, and here it tends to be more operatic than normal.

Musically this band brings us nothing surprising.  It’s decently performed metal, lacking originality, which means there is not one single song that lingers in your head.