The Murder Of My Sweet

Album Title: 
Bye Bye Lullaby
Release Date: 
Friday, May 25, 2012
Review Type: 

It must be two years now when the cinematic rockers of The Murder Of My Sweet released their debut album, which went by the name of Divanity. These Swedish rockers have now released their second album under the wings of AFM Records, entitled Bye Bye Lullaby. It turns out to be a traditional, highly recognisable, though excellent record.

This female-fronted band likes to do it the familiar way. On Bye Bye Lullaby there's not that much of experimental influence to be discovered. It's all pretty clear and straightforward. This definitely is a plus, but it has to be said I miss a bit of variation. Most songs start in quite a relaxed sound and then suddenly break through.

With their second record, The Murder Of My Sweet, have released a very light, though impressive record. It's easy to digest and will certainly be welcomed by lots of the Lacuna Coil/Within Temptation fans. Some songs, with the addition of the piano, contain clear industrial influences and really make Angelica's voice stand out from all the catchy melodies.

Nothing really innovative on Bye Bye Lullaby, but without doubt some of the finest female-fronted rock I've heard in a while.