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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
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To me, Otep has always been quite the mystery. I've always had the hardest time putting this band in one genre. Perhaps that's a good thing. Too many people have been spending too much time labeling bands nowadays. Time to put an end to this. However, not touring Europe for centuries might be another reason for remaining that same enigma. After the release of Hydra, let's hope this last disappointment alters for the better. Back to Otep's new release now, which goes by the liquid name of Hydra. Don't be deceived, it's much more solid than the title announces.

It's immediately clear that Hydra is an outstanding experimental piece of metal. You get an obvious glimpse of the demons our dear front lady has had to endure in her life. Otep brings forth a new variation of brutal metal, hardcore, doom, sludge and emotive, slightly melancholic depression like only she can do it the right way.

The intro, Rising, opens Hydra by means of a throat grasping monologue. Also on the other songs, Blowtorch Nightlight, Hematopia, etc. we are treated to some of Otep's biggest suffering and awakening from the black hole she's been spending too much of her dear time in. For our good though, because Hydra clearly turns out to be the varied, blood pounding metal album that I've been waiting for and which lots of people will certainly appreciate.

Let's bring Otep to Europe, shall we?