Album Title: 
Kovat Ajat
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
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The biggest challenge while writing this review is writing it while listening to the new EP by the Finnish Perikato, as their new album, Kovat Ajat, lasts just a bit more than six minutes.
Kovat Ajat is already their third record and it sounds like banging your head against the wall non-stop. The music goes way too fast and is not even enjoyable to listen to.
For those who aren't familiar with Perikato, they make grind/noise/punk that can chase away any mentally sane person from no matter what neighbourhood.

If you should listen to Perikato's Kovat Ajat an entire day, I think it would drive you insane. People who are into insane, nothing-saying, fast punk will love this record. Unfortunately, we don't.