Phantom X

Album Title: 
The Opera Of The Phantom
Release Date: 
Friday, August 31, 2012
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You all probably know ‘The Phantom Of the Opera’, well, here is ‘The Opera Of The Phantom’, the fourth studio album by US-metallers Phantom X.  Not that original as title, but we’ve had worse.  This is a concept album, although I’m not quite sure what the concept really is.

Most of the tracks on this album have featured on other Phantom X albums, in fact the first ten out of the sixteen tracks in total, but they were re-recorded completely.

You’ve got to be honest about this band, they bring us nothing new, but what they bring us is good stuff.  It’s 80ies sounding power metal, combining the best of both worlds, by which I mean they’ve listened very well to NWOBHM band like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Dio, and infused this music with some US Heavy Metal influences like Savatage.

If you’re a fan of this type of music, then this is an album you’ll like.