Q. Age

Album Title: 
Stop The Clocks
Release Date: 
Monday, April 29, 2013
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Q. Age (previously known as Quaad H.)   were founded in 1999 and took 11 years before their debut Songs For Your Lonely Island came out. Three years later, they are back with the follow-up Stop the Clocks. Don't expect overly playful progressive music, but rather some of the more grunge rock kind with electro beat influences which might as well be called indie rock.(vomit sounds by editor).

The opener “Still I’m sad” is a nicely done straightforward track that sounds totally out of time, and even has a certain, undeniable charm. Unfortunately not all tracks can keep up with this piece. Especially whenever they cut back the pace, which alas happens all too often, the songs turn into harmlessness. The instrumentation is too decent for my taste. You get the impression that the band is afraid to disturb someone with their music. The vocals are also overly tame. Some edgier moments would certainly have been welcome. You will find some crunchy rockers on Stop The Clocks, but all in all the album turns out to be too mellow.