Seven Kingdoms

Album Title: 
The Fire Is Mine
Release Date: 
Monday, September 10, 2012
Review Type: 

Yet another female fronted metal band I thought.  But boy did I make a mistake.

I’d never heard of this US band before, yet this is already their third album, and the second with Sabrina Valentine on vocals.  And contrary to many other female fronted bands this lady doesn’t try to mimic an opera singer, but instead sings more in the lower and mid range of the spectrum; yet at the same time being able to reach rather high notes as well.

So as you already might have deduced, this is by no means a gothic metal album, not even near.  No this is pure melodic power metal at its best. It’s speedy, and aggressive, yet at the same time melodic.

This album is full of killer songs, performed by some very well skilled musicians, and to put the cherry on the cake there are these awesome vocals.  A must-have album.