Sgt. Sunshine

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Friday, March 15, 2013
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Sgt. Sunshine’s  brand of swinging stoner rock has not changed much, but better songs, better hooks, and fuzzier production give III  a healthy advantage over its predecessors Black Hole and Sgt Sunshine.

Warm passionate, powerful fuzzy riff rock that's extremely melodic with a large abundance of beautiful harmonies and hard edge featuring elements of Cream, Lowrider, Tlon, QotSA and a tad bit of Colour Haze. The Swedish vocalist and leader, Eduardo Fernandez,, with his hazy vocals guides the band into musical splendour with some bright moments like the opening “Zoetrope, “Holy mother”, “Golden dawn” and “When I was a dog””. They use mellow moments to change things up a lot amidst the low grooving, yet melodic, sonic walls they display. While some songs clearly stand out ahead of the others, the band never falls flat on their face to deliver a bad song. While I do find some of the hooks and compositions to be a bit mediocre, the honest play and genuine passion of the band salvages even the weaker tracks.

III is made of 9 tracks totalling a little over 45 minutes, and they go by pretty fast, leaving me craving for more, and with no alternative but to replay the album.