The Shins

Album Title: 
Port Of Morrow
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
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The Shins really wanted to start with a clean sheet again before releasing new music. Therefore, singer and guitar player James Mercer kicked out all band members and replaced them with some fresh blood. Such a thing could go in two directions of course: or it would be a huge success for The Shins, or it would be a huge disappointment again, which could lead to the hiatus of The Shins.
Luckily for James Mercer, everything seems to go all right for him since the release of the brand new album Port Of Morrow. The Rifle's Spiral, the opening song, proves that. Simple Song is a catchy, 80s-vibish song that is well-known across the country, as it's been played hundreds of times on national radio already.

Port Of Morrow is the perfect Summer night album: dreaming away with the sunset teasing your eyes.