Three Seasons

Album Title: 
Life's Road
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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This Uppsala based Swedish band was formed in mid-2009 by the trio of Sartez Faraj (vocals & guitar), Olle Risberg (bass) and Christian Eriksson (drums), on a common love for late '60s and early '70s heavier Blues Rock and Jammy Psychedelica, but also with a hunger to explore beyond to incorporate a growing amount of elements in their music.

According to the info at my disposition, the trio started out in the rehearsal room, working mainly on their compositions, and playing only the one show in early Summer 2010, before starting work on their debut album Life's Road, which was issued through Transubtans in early February 2011. With positive reception by fans (in Sweden the album reached #45 some weeks after release, and again went to #48 in early 2012) and critics around the world (some of whom would have the album feature in their year-lists, occasionally even at high places), the band played several shows all over Sweden throughout the year, but still on a moderate scale (only 9 shows in promotion of the album). Still, the album was successful enough for Clearspot/ Headspin Records to venture in a double LP vinyl album release. In Russia, MALS issued a limited edition Papersleeve version of the CD. The year was closed with the release of exclusive 7-inch single release of Escape in mid-December. With only a 500 copy release, it still garnered enough positive responses from fans and critics alike, and gained the band a very successful 17-show tour in Spain during the month of March 2012.

During August and September of last year, the band recorded its sophomore album, Life's Road, and Transubtans made good work of releasing it already in mid-November. As with the debut album, Clearspot provided a vinyl edition of the album through its Headspin Records subsidiary. Shows can be expected to be played all year through, this fact, as we're speaking the band already set out on a tour of Spain. Having played two shows in Germany first, this tour will last until early May, after which two shows in Poland are already booked. After that...who knows? I'm certain the band would be welcome to come and play at Verviers' Spirit Of 66, as far as Belgium is concerned, because there one is very particularly interested in the  kind of Classic Rock (reminiscent of the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Mountain, and more of that ilk) played by this trio of gentlemen...whom certainly will be touring with a guesting keyboardist, I suppose, as some of the songs need that little extra (on the albums, that role was filled in by one Mattias Risberg for the Life's Road sessions, and by Malin Ahlberg on the current album – extra instrumentation on Understand The World came from Tomas Lindberg on Swedish bouzouki and dobro, Magmus Holström playing Key fiddle, and Sanna Hodell on flute and some female backing vocals).

To listen to some of the band's music, surf to the “Music” section on their own website (www.), and then to (www.) (one extra song to be heard).