Album Title: 
March Of Progress
Release Date: 
Friday, August 24, 2012
Review Type: 

Having had to wait for five long years for a new Threshold album seemed like a very long time.  Of course the band has had bitter times, with the passing away of their vocalist Andrew McDermot, but this is a triumphant return, and cherry on the cake is of course the return of their former vocalist Damian Wilson

This album combines the best of both worlds.  A crisp, modern sound, and a combination of modern progressive rock, with 70ies prog bands like Yes.  While the first time you play this album you get the impression of ‘yeah, this sounds good’, each time you play it you start liking the album more and more.

At a first glance the tracks may not sound that heavy, but that may be a wrong impression.  Anyway, this is a fantastic album, and I’m glad Damian has returned to the stable.