Album Title: 
Live at the Mystic
Release Date: 
Friday, November 23, 2012
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I was one of the lucky when I was able to attend Y&T’s concert at the Biebob last year, where they played the complete Earthshaker record, in celebration of its thirtieth release.  I also remember to this day when that record was released.  It’s one of those records that, although dating from my youth, still regularly is played, and seems to have lost nothing of its freshness.

Having seen them live I was wondering how they would sound on album.  You see, though I have many records of Y&T, I didn’t own a live record yet.  And it must be said that the album honors them.   Their energy and eagerness to please the crowd are beautifully captivated on this album.

To sum it up : this is a very good live album.  And that being said by someone who doesn’t really believe in live albums – or most of the time that is, cause with this album my views might change.  Of course I might be a bit biased, having seen them live around the same period when this album was recorded.