Album Title: 
Las Puertas del Tiempo
Release Date: 
Monday, February 25, 2013
Review Type: 

Spanish metal band Zarpa comes across with a definite verve and energy, but ultimately falls prey to such things as unoriginality and cliché.

Opening number “Rescatame” is a perfect example of this. A straight ahead and square metal riff and aggressive high singing in native tongue with an extremely focused chorus are all rounded off by a vintage sounding guitar lead. Not surprisingly, Zarpa was formed 3 decades ago. I say vintage because it brings to mind old Priest, Obus and Accept with its harmonies and textures. Although a great opener it does set the bar quite high from the get-go and unfortunately not every song on here can match its level.

Packed with mid-tempo rockers, the token anthem or two, one Spanish flamenco and a few faster-paced, high energy tunes, Las Puertas del Tiempo and its rollicking heavy metal sound will appeal to fans of above mentioned bands.