Line up :

Olof Wikstrand – Vocals / Guitars

Jonas Wikstrand - Drums

Joseph Tholl - Guitars

Tobias Lindkvist - Bass


Hailing from Arvika, Sweden, Enforcer play a brand of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with an injection of punk. Founded in 2004, Enforcer describe themselves as being devotees of “real metal”. They've since gathered four albums under their belt, with their new album 'From Beyond' continuing down the path created by 2013's 'Death By Fire'.

Skull Fest: Enforcer

Pictures by: 
Bart Vryghem

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Like I already had expected, the official first album on Nuclear Blast Records is showcasing an improvement over the previous albums. Musically they haven't changed anything, but the songs sound more accessible, more mature and the production also has more crunch to it!  Stylistically they still reside in the NWOBHM and US speed metal of the eighties.

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