Trauma (mex)

It is with grief, and shame, that I have to admit that I did not review any release for Depressive Black Ambient Records since more than half a year, despite two hands full of new (and great, evidently) releases. But I’ll make it all up, starting with this successor of Catharsis by Mexico’s Trauma.

Trauma (mex)

Not that very long ago, I got in touch with Chris, a nice person who runs the amazing label Depressive Black Ambient Records. I was surprised by what this label did release as from the start: great works through obscure and oppressive, ominous and odious sounds from beyond the putrid abysses. Destruction and self-mutilation, hate and self-hatred, fury and nostalgia; this label doesn’t share joy or happiness…

Trauma (us)

Is it the voice of Iron Maiden, NO, it isn’t, the only member of the original TRAUMA lineup to appear here is vocalist Donny Hillier. Hillier’s vocal sound much more refined and powerful, but they also sound incredibly like those of Bruce Dickenson. Trauma is a power speed metal band from San Francisco formed in 1981 being well known being Cliff Burton in the band before joining Metallica.

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