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Vulcanodon Phazer

Patrick Mytron is a nice guy from Canada, who I adore as well for his cool outfits Glessite (sludgy Doom-Drone Metal), Avitas (harsh Pagan Black Metal) or Kabexnuv (raw Occult Black Metal). Lesser known are his activities in Acid / Doom / Space / Stoner act Alien Tab, which have nothing to do with Black Metal whatsoever. And I do not dare to say that Vulcanodon Phazer is the successor of Alien Tab (quite different line-up), but for sure it is a worthy comparison.

Vulcanodon Phazer

It was a great pleasure when Patrick Mytron informed me about a new release under the Vulcanodon Phazer moniker. The guy is (or was) behind some other projects that dwell within blackened spheres, but this specific project differs from those Black Metal outfits. He used to be part of Alien Tab as well, which was an instrumental Doom / Sludge / Stoner duo that shortly lived during the second half of the Nineties. And I recently found out they did reform, by the way.


The ancient Egyptian god Horus had four sons, each of them with a relative important cultus to guide a deceased human being to his / her afterlife. All four of them were involved with mummification, preservation of dead people’s intestines after passing away, in order to guide those deceased people to the next step in life (even though it was not the trusted life-on-Earth thing). One of them was Kebehsenoef, Quebesenuf, Kkabesnouv, whatever how you want to write this name down in earthly scripture.

Vulcanodon Phazer

I admit that I have a certain ‘heart’-thing for Bud Metal Records. I do not want to get too far (haha, you might get a wrong impression), but somehow the guy behind that label – and several related bands / projects – deserves respect and a virtual hug. But that’s personal, so let’s focus on the next step of this review.

Vulcanodon Phazer

Well, what a surprise. I didn’t see this coming… You know, I know Patrick Mytron as the (sympathetic) guy behind joyful projects like Avitas and Kabexnuv (for both of them, I did write some reviews in the past, so in case of interest, for really great yet raw and rough Black Metal, I invite you to check them out; just enter those monikers in the ‘Search’ tab to read my thoughts on those recordings).

Kabexnuv / Dol Guldur

When I noticed that Bud Metal were about to release a new album, I was extremely aroused, of course. I was (and still am) quite enthusiastic about Avitas, an outfit by label-owner Myrtroen, and since I found out that one of both projects appearing on this split-album would be another solo-outfit of this guy…

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