Brutally Deceased

Brutally Deceased hail from Czech Republic and they debuted in 2010 with Dead Lovers’ Guide, released via Lavadome Productions. In 2013 they returned with the split-LP Glory Days, Festering Years, in co-operation with Interment. This split was the band’s debut for Doomentia, by the way.


Italian trio Barbarian (bassist D.D. Prowler, guitar player / vocalist Borys Crossburn, and drummer Lore Steamroller) are a pretty young formation that started as some kind of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost worship-entity. They released an untitled demo-tape in 2010 (self-released), a self-titled mini in 2011 (as a matter of fact, this was the vinyl-edition of the demonstrational recording from 2010), and they contributed on a split with country fellowmen Bunker 66.

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