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I never mind writing a review for ‘older’ material; at least when it’s worth being promoted somehow. That’s the case right here. Since the sympathetic Swede Pär Boström kindly offered me a copy of the latest Aindulmedir album recently, I had no (personal) doubt to write down my thoughts on it. I did like the former recordings by this specific act from Pär (you might know him as well from e.g.


(probably one of my shortest reviews in years - but then again: so what???)

No need this time to introduce this Iranian project by Mehdi Saleh, nor the long-time label behind it. I go over to the sonic content of the album immediately. I’ll be brief and concise.

Dronny Darko & ProtoU

An ‘older’ release, but who cares?...

Acoustics Of Shadows is a collaborative work of two persons who do know each-other well (no further comment), yet above all, it’s a mutual work by two beautiful, sympathetic people with a cool vision of / on sonic finesse. Both Oleg and Sasha are known for their subtle yet intriguing recordings, and this mutually recorded effort strengthens their connection.

Mountain Realm

One of the most influential and notorious labels within the (Dark / Cinematic / Space / Drone) Ambient scene is, without any doubt, Oregon-based Cryo Chamber. It’s a label run by Sweden-born artist Simon Heath, whom you might know from outfits like Atrium Carceri, Cryo Chamber Collaboration, Krusseldorf, Sabled Sun, as well as Abnocto, Musterion or Za Frûmi, which he ran, all three of them, with Simon Kölle.

Atrium Carceri

Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A. (formerly: Sweden)

Music + lyrics: Simon Heath

Production + mastering: Simon Heath

Artwork: Simon Heath

Type: sixteen-paged hard-cover digi-book CD (with liner notes & conceptual poetry) + digital

Duration: about fifty minutes

Genre: Esoteric / Ritual / Cinematic / Dark / Apocalyptic / Droning / Dungeon / Horror Ambient

Introduction: not necessary (for this is such famous project)…

God Body Disconnect


Released almost eight months ago, yet once again a way too precious recording to ignore…


Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A.

Members: Bruce Moallem

Production: Bruce Moallem

Mastering: Simon Heath

Artwork: Simon Heath

Type: six-panel digipack compact-disc

Duration: 75:39

Genre: harsh yet introspective Dark Ambient / Drone / Doomwave / Sad Post-Rock


Kristof Bathory

The Praxis 8 models were the most advanced of their kind. They had enhanced cerebral and combat skills, expanded knowledge capabilities, and a capacity to develop as emotional beings [] Four of the Praxis 8 models took matters into their own hands and formed a breakaway faction. They rebelled against their owners. They refused to obey. They absconded, taking refuge in the shadowed nooks of the urban sprawl

Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A.

Members: Kristof Bathory

Text: Alistair Rennie

Alphaxone / Dronny Darko

When Ambient artists join forces, the outcome is often a pleasure for the eardrums. In the case of Cryo Chamber it is about always purest aural satisfaction. I do not know how they do it, but each collab released via this label is like incomprehensible mathematics. Normally 1 + 1 = 2, yet in these case, the result of ‘1+1’ is much more than a simple ‘2’.

God Body Disconnect

God Body Disconnect does it again: creating a soundtrack around confusing questions about mortality and anxiety, about the unpredictability of the consciousness, about the limitations of our being and of our grip on reality and existence. I’m lost. I can’t find who I am anymore. The threshold of sanity has been crossed so many times, I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back. […] I’ve been there before, and I don’t ever want to go back. But, the wolves of hell have been sent to devour me, and there’s no calling them off.


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