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Later this year – we’ve entered 2019 in the meantime – Zombiefication will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Congrats, dear Mexican sweeties! I have been something like a ‘fan’ (damn, what an imbecile description, ‘being a fan’) since I first heard something from them – it must have been in 2012 or 2013, listening to their five-tracker Reaper’s Consecration.

Horn Of The Rhino

Horn Of The Rhino return with their fourth album, and once again it gets released by Czech label Doomentia Records; why changing a winning team must be their motto. The label even re-issued material from this band when they were acting under the old moniker Rhino.


For a history / biography / discography about this Swedish, excuse me, this Mexican project, I would like to refer to the reviews I did for the Reaper’s Consecration-MCD (posted on December 9th 2012) or the last full length At The Caves Of Eternal (see update June 2nd 2013). As you can see / read, I was enormously enthusiastic about this stuff.


Florence based Italian Speed/ Thrash/ Black Metal act Barbarian [do not confuse with the 2003 founded Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from the Girona area in Spain (which already left us a 3003 demo, a 2006 live album and full-lengths in 2007 and 2009), the 2001 formed Black Metal act from California (which released two 2001 demos - current status uncertain), or the Power/ Thrash Metal American outfit (which only left us a 1987 demo, and definitely no longer active)] was founded in 2009 by the trio of Borys Crossburn on guitar and vocals (also active with C

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