Temtris are a band from Australia, formed at the end of last century as Labyrinth. After a while, the moniker changed to Labyrinthia, and under the current moniker they released two full length albums, Threshold in 2003 (self-release), and Masquerade in 2007, their debut for Battlegod Productions. After quite a period of silence, the band returned in January 2014 with a new single, called Your Time Has Come.


Greek band W.E.B. (it seems to be the abbreviation for where everything begun) were formed about twelve years ago. They recorded some material that was pretty popular in their home country, but outside Greece they never really broke through. And despite the acceptable quality of this third full length studio album, I am not sure they will now.


Spanish metal band Zarpa comes across with a definite verve and energy, but ultimately falls prey to such things as unoriginality and cliché.


Hellwell reminds me of the unique metal constitution Manilla Road, which is the other band that main leader Mark Shelton sings and plays guitar for.

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