Kristallblut Records


[a shorter review in a series to promote releases from 2020 / 2021 and to support the labels involved: Satanath Records / Symbol Of Domination Productions / GrimmDistribution]


This review does not deal with the band Hadopelagyal from the German city of Leipzig, yet with the band Hadopelagial from the German city of Leipzig. Confused? Well, when I did receive two releases at around the same moment, both by a band from Leipzig with (almost) the very same name, except for one single letter, I was sort of confused as well.

Frozen Ocean

Despite an enormous discography (a handful of EP’s, even more full lengths, and a couple of splits) built up in less than a decade of existence, I hadn’t heard any of Frozen Ocean’s stuff before, I think. This Russian solo-project by a guy called Vaarwel (which actually is Dutch (!) for ‘goodbye’ or ‘farewell’) recently signed to Kristallblut Records (one of those underestimated yet superior labels, hailing from Germania).

The Earth King

Bart Piette is one of Belgium’s best known artists within the Noise / Electronics / Industrial-scene. Some of the projects he’s involved with, as solo-artist or with partner(s) in crime: Clophill, NDE (with Koen ‘Mürnau’ Osier), Alle Sagen Ja, Experiments In Darkness or, last but certainly not least: Dead Man’s Hill.

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