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Pffoooh...okay now...about 4 years ago colleague Erik did a review of the sophomore full-length release by this Bergamo (Lombardy) based Italian Power Metal act (and you can still consult it in the “Archive” section of this here website, posted 10/07/2010), but he kinda left out giving a decent history of the band...so that's now up to me, ain't it?


This Italian Progressive Rock/ Metal act from the Coastal villages of Massa and Carrera (situated some 55 km North of Pisa) was founded in late 2010 by members of a diverse and experienced background, which enabled them to set forth quite swiftly in writing and fine-tuning the material (3 tracks) for their June 2011 self-released EP Four Zoas.


In spite of their somewhat limited output (July 2008 self-released 6-track debut EP Nektophobia; October 2010's self-released full-length Concordia Perpetua; the March 2012 released EP's Antichrist and The Flaming Bed In Benum – issued as a double vinyl through Subversive Records; and the one-track single Infected, issued in May 2013 (both on vinyl and as download), also by Subversive), this Swiss band from the Emmental region (actual basis being the towns of Huttwil and Berne) has been around s


Amberjacks a Dutch band playing Psychedelic rock. The current members are Jack Westenberg (Vocals / Guitar), Jeroen Ansems (Guitar), Brian Frederiks, (Bass) and Gavin Harte (Drums).


Although this so-called Stoner band, based in Bovolone (near Verona in the North of Italy) was officially born in September of 2010, its history goes back to a year prior, when drummer Francesco “Francis Slaves” Schiavi and bassist Umberto Patuzzo along with singer/ guitarist Stefano Carmagnani started the band Jab.


Reverted from UK London, came together in 2010. Playing metal current members are: Tony Vega (Vocals), Daniel Ruiz (Guitar), Lui L Valle (Bass) and Ozzy Preciado (Drums)

Khaos Aeon

The German act Khaos Aeon was formed in 2006 by Isaz (g, v) and Phosphoros (d), and in 2011 they debuted via Fog Of The Apocalypse with the full length studio record Exitus, an album that did include the Dissection cover-track Frozen. Two of the songs, by the way, also appeared on the split-cassette Anarchonic Deathworship, which also includes Canada’s Blight and fellow countrymen of Svathyr.

Blackwitch Pudding

Blackwitch Pudding’s debut cd has been out for some time already but only now has found its way to our reviews. If you like the sound of one song on this 7 track cd you're bound to like them all. This band is slave to the distorted monstrous claustrophobic riff and guitars buzz in an emphatic low-tuned blur, surprisingly reliable groovy drumming, brief bursts of speed, mid-tempo marches and a narcotic-dazed delirium pervading the slower passages.


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