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Ghost Of A Bullet

A Belgian  band coming out of the closer   with  a  4 track  EP (+intro)  and  describing themselves as “ dark , heavy, always melodic with a touch of Sludge“…. Surely gets my attention.

Unfathomed Of Abyss

Unfathomed Of Abyss are a project by Kevin Price, a guy from Texas that started writing material for this solo-outlet in 2000. Kevin constantly re-adapted and re-arranged what he had created, with a final result, each time again, that did not come close to the original structures. That’s of course one of the reasons why it took almost a decade and a half to have the first album finished. Yet I prefer this kind of working, of course, instead of writing and recording stuff too hasty (commercial pulp, I call it).


Despite many years of existence, Duskmortym, the solo-outfit of Ethan ‘Dusk’ Bowes, did not release anything official at all. …until now. Under the Duskmortym-moniker, Ethan wrote, composed and released the full length One Night Over The Baltic…, which has a total running time of about fifty five minutes. And the Baltic as lyrical source of inspiration is quite remarkable for a Canadian project. Other lyrical sources are taken as well from European soil, but that aside…

The Black Rook

Brasil has lots to offer to the world, besides the annual carnival, Sepultura or caipirinha and this band The Black Rook is one of them.  Actually this is not what you’d call a real band, rather a two man project, consisting of Flavio Sendra, who does the lead and backing vocals on the album, and Rubens Lessa who did the guitars, bass and keyboards.  To play the drums they used a guest musician, Celo Oliveira, who also was the producer 

Black Sachbak

Hah...ain't that Internet community a wonderful thing? I mean, this next review could not have been done, if it wasn't for the Indian webzine Transcending Obscurity putting our attention to the release. Well, it might've somehow come to us anyway, but I wanted to take on the opportunity to fully thank the webzine's publisher, Kunal Choksi!

Guilty As Charged

Aha...Belgium, Heavy Metal and Thrash as elements which combine wonderfully well in the mind of our editor-in-chief...and I guess that's why he trusted the review of this West Flanders based quartet's debut full-length onto my relatively capable shoulders? Well, at least I always give things my best shot. So, let's start by checkin' out this band's history, shall we?

Hard Tension

Hard Tension…Another band that wants to keep a low profile. There isn’t much to find out about these Portuguese chaps as the only things you will find are a few interviews and an empty facebook info page.


Kafirun are a very young combo from Vancouver, Canada (formed in early 2014), that did enter the Hora Morior Studio immediately after their ‘birth’ in order to record and self-produce this demo-EP. The three tracks on Death Worship are ‘the reflection of hate and darkness that dwells in man’s heart’.


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