Razor & Tie

Chelsea Grin

Dàmn, I lóve this band's most recent release...in fact, I dare even declare that it's one of those rare exceptional albums the seasoned voluntary (meaning: not paid for all his hard work) music journalist comes across, which entice him to continue to waddle through hundreds of middle-of-the-road and occasionally mediocre stuff. The thing that keeps him goin', what!? Okay, enough personal issues, let's get down to the business of presenting this ultra-fine band to you!


Following a premiere on 25/09/2006, American broadcasting company NBC ran a television series entitled Heroes for 4 seasons (total of 77 episodes), in which actor Zachary Quinto played the role of a serial killer with supernatural powers, killing others with such superpowers in order to add those to his own.


Kyng a new band founded in Los Angeles in 2008. You can compare their sound with Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and The Sword, yes Heavy metal, Stoner Metal and hard Rock. Only three members counting band: Eddie Veliz (vocals/guitar), Pepe Clarke (drums) and Tony Castaneda (bass/backup vocals).

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