Archaic Sound

Bestial Invasion

The name ‘bestial invasion’ is quite ‘legendary’, for there are tens of, especially Thrash-oriented bands all over Mater Terra, that are named after the legendary Destruction-demo (more than three decades of age in mean time; can you imagine???!). Now it’s the name of a new band as well from Ukraine, which was formed by former Crucifix / Violent Omen bass player Metal Priest.

Ars Moriendi

Ars Moriendi are a solo-project by Bastien ‘Arsonist’ Mailhot, whom you might know from, for example, Rein, Solipsis or Notre Amertume (so this has nothing to do with the same-named act from Lithuania nor the one from Austria; and maybe, who knows, there are others with the very same moniker?...).

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