Bastardized Recordings


Germany’s Ichor did surprise me a lot with their Benthic Horizon-album (in 2010), which made me search for their debut The Siege (which wasn’t as strong and convincing as its higher-mentioned successor). Since then, however, the audience couldn’t enjoy any new material anymore (though they did play live a lot, including appearances on some notorious festivals).

Rising Anger

This Wiesbaden (Central Germany) based quintet was founded in 2009, and went through two bassists and two drummers before settling to the current line-up consisting of singer Johannes Schöbinger, guitarists Yannick Zobus and Jonas Römhild, bassist Markus Straussner, and drummer David Willmes (the latter two joining the band during 2013), each bring in his own background and personal taste to the final product.


In their biography, German hardcore band Bloodattack says, although their keynote is based in hardcore punk, they wanted to insert their metal roots in their music.

The Green River Burial

When people are asked to put The Green Rival Burial in a specific genre, many call them a beatdown band. After having listened to these Germans' first full-length, Seperate & Coalesce, this isn't the box I should put them in, at all. Most of the time, they sound like a technical and melodic hardcore band and at times, you can even hear parts that make me think of the Boston band The Carrier.


A Torch To Pierce The Night is the latest release of the Italian hardcore band Purification. With this album, as the title gives a good reference, these Italians want to make the world more aware of the advantages of a vegan straight edge lifestyle. With songs such as Anatomy of a failed revolution and Traders of one thousand diseases, they succeed quite well in bringing their message across, but it's not completely working musical wise.

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