Taking their name from a rock in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya  (ex-Acrimony) are based in a Welsh valley and those who already are familiar with Sigiriya’s debut album will be very pleased with Darkness died Today as well. It's plain from the first listen that this material would work wonders in a live setting, but however Sigiriya doesn't have a single ounce of originality to offer.


To say it took a few listens before False Prism opened up would be the understatement of the year. I still have to be in a particular mood to really enjoy the music fully. This is Sadgiqacea (pronounced sad-juh-kay-sha?) latest and they have created an album of the type that doesn't come along very often.

Armed For Apocalypse

This up-and-coming CA band pounds out fairly lethal sludge metal in the sick and creepy style of bands like Valume Nob, Fleshpress and Fistula. The band sounds especially heavy plowing through some crushing grooves at mid and slower speeds. It's not all slow, though, and little bursts of speed often accompany chop changes.

King Parrot

King Parrot is a thrash and grind metal band from Australia and was formed by three ex-members of “Watchdog Discipline” (White, Lacey and Rizzo) plus Young from Stiff Meat and Cockfight Shootout bassist Slattz. The band fired off an EP in short order and quickly became firmly established as an energetic and punishing live force.

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