Century Media


Intronaut play crunch metal that sometimes borders on math metal with a doomy/sludgy and even fusion edge. There are some modern Tool/ Baroness elements in both music and vocals thrown in, giving the music an up-to-date and original sound. The music is guitar dominated and both guitarists deliver the goods. In fact the rhythm section is very strong and is complimented by Sacha’s screamo meets clear solid mid-ranged vocals.

The Agonist

I have been so lucky as to be able to follow this Canadian band since the release of its debut album Once Only Imagined (review posted 06/09/2007). Already a stylistic sensation on that record, the guys (and frontlady) improved on their style for the sophomore album Lullabies For The Dormant Mind (review, again by yours truly, posted 01/02/2009) and, frell me, if they did not go through yet another progression since! And that this progression is definitely a positive one, is something I want understood from the get-go...so we don't get any mistake in about that, okay!?

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