Endless Winter

In Oblivion

It’s bizarre, but you know, this band was formed at the end of the first decade of this century / millennium. However, throughout all those years, the project didn’t really shine through all-capturing obscurity, with exception of one EP in 2015, being the two-tracker In Oblivion. That EP was released via Russia’s finest Endless Winter at the very beginning of Autumn 2015. That’s it…


Decemberance was (sorry, ‘is’) an Athens, Greece based band, formed in the second half of the Nineties. However, one cannot exactly call this band a very productive one, for the number of recordings over more than two decades of existence is quite limited. But then again, don’t we prefer just a few releases yet from a high quality instead of an overload of shitty stuff?...

Colossus Morose

Colossus Morose are a pretty young duo, formed in 2015 by C.J.. The band nowadays consists of German multi-instrumentalist Christoph ‘C.J.’ Roth (guitar player of Heavy / Thrash band Transnight) and Swiss vocalist Jean-Claude ‘J.C.’ of Black Sputum-fame (currently living in Norway). Seclusion is Colossus Morose’s first official recording, recorded, mixed and mastered in both Norway (Tromsø) and Germany (Hanover) in between Winter 2016 and Winter 2017.

Satori Junk

Endless Winter do profile themselves as a Doom-only label, and you can accept that very literally. They release only Doom for sure, but it can be every kind of Doom existing: Epic Doom, Traditional Doom, Stoner-Doom, Doom-Death, Doom Rock, Funeral Doom or, for my part, Doom Doom. That also explains why a band like Satori Junk is part of their roster.

Aura Hiemis

Felipe ‘Herumor’ V. is quite a known grunter within the Chilean Underground Death Metal scene. He has been, or still is, active in acts such as Projector, Mar De Grises (I truly adore this band!), Ancestral, Abaddon and Timecode. His main project, however, is his solo-outfit Aura Hiemis, which he started in 2004.


Severomorsk is a city in the far North of the European part of the Russian Federation, on the Kola peninsula, and quite close to the not-that-unknown city of Murmansk. It’s also home to Nordlumo, a joyful outfit of a guy called Nordmad, who started this project quite recently. Evgenyi (real name of Nordmad) wrote, recorded and released six lengthy tracks (the total running time clocks about seventy-seven minutes) in very early 2016 via his own digital channels.


Premarone are an Italian Doom band, originating from the Piedmontian region (at the French border), who took the audience by surprise with their 2015 debut album Obscuris Vera Involvis (Nicotine Records). Three friends started jamming together, and when a fourth human being joined the crew, Pol (bass), Ale (drums and percussions), Mic (synths, Theremin, Monotron recorder) and Fra (vocals and guitars) continued as Premarone.

Shattered Sigh

I had not heard of them before, but apparently Shattered Sigh are active for more than a decade. They were formed as Black Whirlpool in 2006, and in 2010 they changed their moniker into the current one. Investigation, however, taught me that it was not that strange at all that I did not know them. There was only one official release until now: 2011’s untitled demo with songs written when the band was still known under their former moniker. Then things went silent, until last year.

Suffer In Paradise

Voronezh, about 200 kilometres North-East from the border with Ukraine, is a city with a vivid (Extreme) Metal scene. Sterbefall, Effluo, Ravencry, Memorial (nowadays active as NorthZyklon), Skyfall, and so on – for several of them I did write a review in the past. It’s home too for Suffer In Paradise. This band was formed at the very end of last decade, but with exception of the recording of a demo, and probably some local gigs, nothing adventurous happened.


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