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Yea-hah...Slussenanalys is back with a new...single?...I'd hoped the Finnish band might have enough material by now to record a complete album's worth of music!I mean, the band's debut album, Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos (re-issued on CD earlier this year – see review by yours truly posted 24/07/2013 for additional details) was already released at the end of 2011 so, is it that inconceivable then, that the band might have written enough material by now?

Lord Fist

When you'll check the atlas for the hometown of this Heavy Metal act, you'll find that Mikkeli is a relatively small place in the middle-of-nowhere of Finland, some 225 km NW from Helsinki, situated at the northern side of Lae Saimaa. When you'll dig a little deeper, you'll however find that the Mikkeli is also the capitol of the province of East Finland, and inhabits some 47,000 souls! Not such a small place after all!


With little info to be found anywhere else, I'll introduce this new act to you with the text also posted at the label's website (altered, of course, to the usual ConcreteWeb criteria):


With the Finnish Hexenhaus (do not confuse with the Swedish Thrash Metal band by the same name; founded by ex-Candlemass guitarist Mike Wead in Stockholm during 1987, thàt act left us the albums A Tribute To Insanity in 1988, The Edge Of Eternity in 1990, Awakening in 1991, and the comeback album Dejavoodoo in 1996 – but failing to garner the former success then dissolved for good; morphed into the short-lived Memento Mori in 1992, adding former Candlemass singer


The biggest challenge while writing this review is writing it while listening to the new EP by the Finnish Perikato, as their new album, Kovat Ajat, lasts just a bit more than six minutes.
Kovat Ajat is already their third record and it sounds like banging your head against the wall non-stop. The music goes way too fast and is not even enjoyable to listen to.

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