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15 Reasons

I have a very vivid memory of a certain period in Spring 2011 when, during the then more frequent updates of the website we performed at his place, our editor-in-chief would put the second full-length of this Brussels based Nu-Metal trio (then a quartet) into the cd-player, without telling me in advance that he'd gotten a deal with the band which solicited the erection of ConcreteWeb Records.


When, back in late 2009, LastDayHere's From Pieces Created was to be Graviton Music Services first release, my editor-in-chief (whom knows some of the people working at Graviton, as they used to work for the German offices of Roadrunner...and him working then at the Belgian offices, you know) had me listen to that album a couple of times during our updating sessions of the website, and I remember very distinctly declining the offer to do the review, because I felt the music was a bit too

Amity In Fame

This Linz based Austrian band, today centered around lead singer Michael Bilcher, guitarist/ backing singer Filip Hörschläger, Roman Mayrhofer, and drummer Michael Kapfinger (and apparently operating both live and in the studio with guest musicians), was formed in May 2008 (then still with additional female singer Judith Schweder as extra permanent member and Wilfried Wöss as the drummer), jumped into the studio to make an acoustic version (which they promptly dubbed “Powerful Acoustic Rock


At first I thought I was listening to a clone of System Of A Down, but I had to rethink my first opinion afterwards.  Viza is much more than a simple clone of aforementioned band.   While with System Of A Down I find it hard to listen to a complete album, this was not the case with Viza.


Pythia is the name of a priestess from Delphi at the Temple of Apollo, also known as the Oracle of Delphi. She was known for her hallucinations, translated into revelations or prophecies, spoken in a weird tongue, said as it came from the Gods directly. Some historici think it was because of the use of certain drugs, others think she acted under the influence of certain gasses (Greece is a rather seismic region, as you know), or it might have been some sort of self-hypnotic or mental state of whatever.

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