Grindhead Records

Infested Entrails

Grindhead Records have proven before to have a good nose for signing pretty nasty and ugly combos (evidently often from Australian soil). Recently they teamed up with young Australian five-piece Infested Entrails (now with a new bass player). Shortly after they were formed, Infested Entrails recorded and released an EP, and Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased is their debut full length studio recording. This album clocks just over half an hour and has some of the EP-tracks being recorded again.

Black Jesus

The Australian combo Black Jesus, with former and current members of e.g. Whitehorse, Pneumatic Slaughter and The Berzerker, was formed in 2008 in the city of Melbourne, and during their existence they gained quite some popularity in their home country. An audible result is their live album Fucked…..Live.

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