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't Was in the spring of 2007, when 5 members (more specifically, lead singer Masato David Hayakawa, lead guitarist Yokochi Y.K.C”, rhythm guitarist/ backing singer Kazuya SugiSugiyama, bassist Ryo RxYxOShimizu and drummer Katsuma Minatani) of two Nagoya based Japanese bands (that having been mentioned, you have no more reason to mistake this band for the Moberly, Missouri based Atmospheric Metal act which released it

The Used

Ooh...as it turns out, we at ConcreteWeb last came across this American “Rock” band on the occasion of the release of their 2007 album Lies For The Liars (for which a review by yours was posted on July 10 of that same year – look it up in our “Archive” section for details on the band's career up to that point)!

We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd is an American pop/rock (punk) band from Poughkeepsie, NY formed in 2009. The current members are Taylor "Tay" Jardine (vocals, keyboards), Jordan Eckes (rhythm guitar, vocals), Cameron Hurley (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mike Ferri (bass) and Robert "Rob" Chianelli (drums).


Bayside is an American punk/rock band from Queens NY formed somewhere in the winter of 2000. Current members are Anthony Raneri (Vocals, Guitar), Jack O’Shea (Lead Guitar), Nick Ghanbarian (Bass) and Chris Guglielmo (Drums).


Although this American band started out as a Punk Rock act with Hardcore leanings, they grew more and more commercial over the years, first sliding their way into the Pop Punk world (with 2003's album Ocean Avenue as their break-though album).

All Time Low

All Time Low has always known many opponents, but even more fans. Throughout the years, the band has made a huge name for themselves and played many great tours and festivals. Here in Belgium, they've already played all major festivals such as Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter, but they also still play the real punk festivals such as the Warped Tour in the USA and Groezrock in Belgium.

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