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Guerra Total

1997. Gerson Fabian ‘Demonslaught’ Toro forms Eternal Drak (‘drak’ and not ‘dark’!). With some friends he records the EP La Resureccion De La Orden Guerrera, which gets released right before changing the moniker into Guerra Total. It takes some time, but as from about six-seven years ago, Guerra Total starts gaining a (well-deserved) popularity in their home country (Colombia) and some neighbour countries (though they also visited Europe and East-Asia).

Thunder Lord

This Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from Santiago, Chile was founded back in 2002 by singer/ guitarist Esteban Peñaililo, second guitarist Misael Cabello, bassist Francisco Menares and a drummer of whose identity I am uncertain (it being either Nicolás Duarte, or a fellow known just as Luis).


Reactory are New wave of thrash no doubt about it, the young Berlin (Germany) based quartet give us with their first full length album “High on Radiation“ a hefty does of EURO THRASH,  unavoidably  very much influenced by the oh so famous German original wave of thrashers such as Kreator, Sodom, AssassinViolent force… to name but a few.

Tungsten Axe

Formed in 2009 by brothers Andy & Dick Mattson, this quartet creates music in the true spirit of Heavy Metal. Or so this is the intention of Tungsten Axe. But releasing an album of traditional eighties heavy metal that’s full of clichés and with such a poor production is beyond me. Just listening to the sound of the drums made me sick. Add to that boring songs, cliché arrangements and a monotonous singer and you get the picture.

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