Outer Line Prod.


Nagaarum is quite an active solo-project by Gábor Tóth, whom you might know from bands such as In Vacuo, GuilThee or Sunseth Sphere. This project started in 2008 as an Industrial / Ambient outfit, but Nagaarum permanently evolved. In the near future I will write and publish a review on Homo Maleficus, the 2017-album, but first I’ll write some words about 2016’s D.I.M.

Black Whispers

Black Whispers are a project from Costa Rica, formed in 2013 by José ‘S.S’ Fonseca, nowadays acting as JF or J.F. After a very limited split with Noldor, José recorded + released his debut under the Black Whispers moniker (Negative Ways Of Life) in early 2014 (Depressive Illusions Productions) with assistance of session musician Diego ‘Lwl’ Sanchez.


First some Ivanpedia: ‘Heimskringla’ is based on mythological sagas from the thirteenth century, written by Norwegian ‘skald’ Snorre Sturluson, and dealing with the glorious kingdoms from Norway and Sweden during the ninth up to the twelfth century. But since this label is not an encyclopaedia, etc…

Enthroned Darkness

Enthroned Darkness are quite an active outfit by Simone ‘Nex Umbra Domini’ Ghizzinardi, whom you might know from for example Absum, Suspiria Profundis, Aevum, Nebbia and many more. Under the Enthroned Darkness-moniker, Simone returns with a third full length studio album, which he did record during Winter 2014-2015 at his Dark Sound Studios.

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