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Four years after their debut album ‘Eye On The Sky’, Finnish Stargazery releases it’s successor ‘Stars Aligned’.  Thae album contains 13 very good tracks, the last of which is sung in their mother tongue.


Wolfen come from Cologne Germany and Evilution is their 5th full length album since the band started out in the second half of the nineties… 


From the Greek side of Cyprus the band Astronomikon tries to conquer the world. Musicians from the other quite know band Arrayan Path founded this group in 2008 and released a first demo tape in 2010. “Dark Gorgon Rising” is their debut album and for some reasons it reminds at the famous Crimson Glory debut. It are not the vocals, but probably the feeling which is quite similar. Heavy, powerful with some keys surrounded by phatastic guitar leads.

Crimson Cult

Crismon Cult are an Austrian band, that has existed partly for serveral years under the names Stygma IV/ Stigmata and Big Heat. In 2008, Günter Maier (guitars) and Alexander Hilzensauer (bass) have formed the new band and have added new members on vocals (Walter Stüfer) and Peter Bachmayer on drums. In 2009 they released their- debut-album ‘Crimson Cult’. Now they will release their second album ‘Tales Of Doom’ on the Pure Legends Records- label.


Pertness is a Swiss power metal band created in 1993. These guys originate from Switzerland and have a website but al the info over there is in German. But i can tell you that at their core they are  a melodic power metal, but also aren't strangers to using thrash metal and some folk influences. And that's something you'll notice straight of, this album sounds heavier than other power metal records.

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