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Demonic Obedience

When the Greek Death Metal outfits Deceptive Incarnation and, following, The Deepest, were put to rest, Georg Davelas (Ntavelas) started a new outfit, Demonic Obedience (which can be considered the successor of The Deepest). In the meantime, FYI, Georg moved over to Scotland, and that’s where he recorded this newest album.


Once again I have the honour to write a review for a band from Costa Rica, and once again it’s via Satanath Records (hey Aleksey, do you have connections out there?) that the audience can meet an act from that Middle-American country.

7 H.Target

The Russian Death Metal-scene is growing expansively, and 7 H.Target are part of this satisfying evolution. It’s quite a remarkable moniker they carry, but for this Russian horde it’s more than just a bold statement. It’s their expression to define a new level of Death Metal. Also the explicit cover artwork (apparently created by three painters) and the album’s new-generation title are inherent to innovation and progression. They did prove it a couple of times before, and their constantly evolving attitude gets stronger and stronger by each release.

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