7 H.Target

Album Title: 
0.00 Apocalypse
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 29, 2014
Review Type: 

The Russian Death Metal-scene is growing expansively, and 7 H.Target are part of this satisfying evolution. It’s quite a remarkable moniker they carry, but for this Russian horde it’s more than just a bold statement. It’s their expression to define a new level of Death Metal. Also the explicit cover artwork (apparently created by three painters) and the album’s new-generation title are inherent to innovation and progression. They did prove it a couple of times before, and their constantly evolving attitude gets stronger and stronger by each release.

0.00 Apocalypse is a way-too-short masterpiece (26:34”), but for sure one that remains. It was mixed and mastered by Neil Kernon, apparently, who is experienced in doing engineering work for extreme Death combos, such as Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Akercocke, Sickening Horror and many more. I think it pays off positively, for the result truly stands as an erected, eh, whatever. Anyway, the futuristic Blast / Slam / Death Metal by this band is of a high-tech level, going for both structural approach as well as the performance. The whole journey is bumpy, with dissonant structures, avant-garde experiment, grinding blasts, and sudden hooks and breaks. This isn’t just Tech-Death; this material is the next level of Sonic Cyber-extremity.

Beware, because this hyper-kinetic onslaught might cause a heart attack, or imploding eardrums, which gets caused as well by the decent, maybe little too clean sound. There isn’t any point of rest either, which might make this release once again attractive for a smaller audience only. But if you can deal with material in the vein of Berzerker or The Senseless, Malignancy, Wormed, Cephalic Carnage, Across The Swarm, Katalepsy or Abominable Putridity, then you know what to do!