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Two statements before starting the core of the review:

1. All-female bands: it is not that totally strange, yet certainly not that usual either at all. I am not referring to the likes of Phantom Blue or Vixen, hahaha, but to the harsher side of the musical spectrum. We had the legendary act Derkéta, of course, and within the Black Metal genre, Astarte was sort of protagonist. But how many other acts do you know? Indeed, that’s what I mean.


Hey hey...the return of an old acquaintance! Yep, although ScaRveD is but a recently formed act (came into existence in September 2012), its members are all seasoned ruts from the Belgian “Rock” scene, and the first time I came in contact with guitarist Luc Van Dessel goes back to my beginning years as a music journalist.

Ashes You Leave

No, no, not a new release by this Croatian band, but a re-issue of their 2009 album. Don't ask me what the reason of the re-issue is, because I don't know, and whether those reasons have an artistic backing or are simply inspired by commercial greed, I couldn't are less really, because after all it brought the band to our attention.


The Hesperia-project is run by multi-instrumentalist Hesperus, once member of Sulphuria. He started this solo-outfit somewhere during the nineties, in order to pay tribute to the ancient, and mystical / mythological / mythical glory of a rich ‘pre-Italian’ past. At the beginning of this century, Hesperus and his Hesperia-project started working on a four-part conceptual masterwork, based on Virgilio’s Eneide aka Aeneidos.


Encorion were formed by Dutchman Danny de Graaf in order to pay tribute to his passion for both music (with an accent to Metal in general, as well as Folk and Classical Music) and cultural tradition (read: traditional culture; I guess this flag covers the package much more). Soon his project was joined by some same-minded souls, and after signing to Sleaszy Rider, Encorion released a first full length, Facing History And Ourselves, some collection of demonstrational material done in the (short) past.

In Utero Cannibalism

Greek band In Utero Cannibalism was formed nine years ago and released two albums before, Psychotic Killing Lust and Frenzied, both via OBSE Productions. They were also able to perform along known acts like Napalm Death, Pungent Stench, Malevolent Creation, Massacre or Nile. During summer 2010, however, In Utero Cannibalism were put on rest, at least for a while.

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