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Hippie Nazi / Pagan Assault

There has always been a love-hate relationship in between Punk and Metal. About the ‘hate’-part I can be very short: f*ck it. Short enough? About the ‘love’-angle, well, just notice that there are, and always have been, hundreds of bands combining both styles, or members being involved in groups from both genres. And don’t forget to think about all those ‘fans’ that do appreciate at least a part of both styles.

Pagan Assault

French label Soleil Blanc Productions gets ran by KFD, a mostly sympathetic but, at the same time, frustrated and misanthropic guy. He has two solo-projects going on (actually, he recorded some material as well under the KFD-moniker, but this has not been released officially, if I am not mistaken), and these acts’ material gets released via his own label.


On the September 9th 2014’s Concreteweb-update we included the Pagan Assault-review for the Révolte Contre La Destinée-album. Pagan Assault is a solo-outfit by Frenchman KFD, the same guy who runs Soleil Blanc Productions, and the same guy behind Anthropophobe. The latter is a largely underestimated project that released a first album in 2012, which was called Le Royaume Des Morts (‘kingdom of the dead’).

Pagan Assault

Pagan Assault are a Paris-based solo-project by KFD Vordak, the same guy who runs the Soleil Blanc-label. This label houses two projects, i.e. Pagan Assault and Anthropophobe. And hey, the latter is another solo-project by KFD. An independent hands-on guy who also does all production, recording and mix himself.

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