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The Spanish guys from Womb (a band that includes members from e.g. Winterstorm, Vikingore or Windblown) initially released their debut full length album Deception Through Your Lies at the end of May 2015 in its digital form. On November 30th Doom-giant Solitude Productions release that material on CD, in a co-operation with Hypnotic Dirge Records, and this in an edition of 500 copies.

Torrens Conscientium

I truly hadn’t heard of this band before, but what Torrens Conscientium bring with All Alone With The Thoughts is one of the better things I’ve experienced in 2014 from Ukrainian soil (indeed, 2014, and we’re close to 2016, but so WTF???). For nearly fifty minutes this album is like a journey through spheres of emotionality, integrity, introspection, grief and, for one reason or another (yet not one the listener should underestimate), anger and disgust.


This review deals with the German act Doomed, and not the American or, to my concern, the Antarctic one. This act was formed in 2011 in Saxony by Pierre Laube, and in 2012 Doomed satisfied us with two albums, the self-released The Ancient Path, and In My Own Abyss, their debut for Solitude Productions.


Luna are a solo-outfit by Anton Demort, aka DeMort, whom you might know from the Doom-Death band Amily (remember the nice To All In Graves-album in 2012, also done via probably the greatest Funeral Doom / Doom-Death label on Mater Terra, Russia’s Solitude Productions?). He started this project one year ago and now comes with the first album, called Ashes To Ashes.

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