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Dying Out Flame

How many bands do you know that come out from Nepal? I didn’t know any at all, until now. Dying Out Flame are a young quartet from the capital of Kathmandu, and apparently there is quite an active scene out there. I hope to ‘meet’ more from that era, but let’s focus on this band and album right now.


Spanish duo Wrong (singer / drummer Phlegethon, also known from e.g. Wormed, The Ytriple Corporation, Unsane Crisis, Human Mincer, Banished From Inferno etc., and string-master DP, who’s involved with The Ytriple Corporation, Neverdie (ex) or Heavy Popeye) return with their sophomore album, one year after the sublime debut Memories Of Sorrow.


One of the most influential Death Metal bands from Spain is this one: Avulsed, formed more than two decades ago by David ‘Rotten’ Sanchez Gonzalez, owner of Xtreem Music (formerly Drowned Productions, then Repulse Records).


It is not the first time that I will review an album by a band or project from an ‘unusual’ country – think United Arab Emirates (Nervecell), Maldives (Sacred Legacy), Saudi-Arab (Al Namrood), Jordan (Relics Of Martyrs) or Iran (Margg). In my personal collection, by the way, there’s more stuff from those countries, as well as the likes of Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Bahrein or Lebanon.


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