split-EP (vinyl)

Aberration / Diabolic Oath

Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A.

Recording: Aberration: Black Dust Studio by DH

Recording: Diabolic Oath: Pale Magus Productions

Mix: Black Dust Studio by DH

Mastering: Colin Marston (Menegroth, The Thousand Caves)

Availability: 7”EP (with download card) & digital

Duration: 12:35

Cover art: Misanthropic Art (Chris Kiesling)

Genre: Morbid Death Metal

Kasriel / Snawfuss

The spiritual night-entity Kasriel continues his quest into / through the magical world of the mystic castle (and the spheres beyond). He gets summoned by the Melosina-spirits to escape the walls of the cold, dark stronghold he’s been held for so long, too long. Searching for answers, his adventure will be harsh and daring, yet Kasriel will be guided by the Snawfuss; hidden inner powers will be convoked; a guidance of alchemical strength will accompany the protagonist though a next chapter of both despair and hope…


I have to be honest. I did not know the band Sermon from the Izmir-region in Turkey, even though they were formed fifteen years ago. Yet then again, apparently they have not been that active / productive either, so these guys will forgive me my ignorance, I’m sure. They were active from 1997 to 2004, but didn’t release anything but a couple of demos. …and faded away into nothingness.

Frostmoon Eclipse

I won’t go too deep at all into this band’s biography / discography, because you do know this Italian act for sure (in two years, these guys will celebrate their three decades of existence!), and it would bring me too far. I’ll go to the content immediately, and this time it deals with a compilation, actually, i.e. a collection of new and live tracks gathered as Rustworn.

Act Of Entropy

Act Of Entropy is a project by Pan, a dedicated Underground musician and promotor, and his partner (in crime) (who prefers to remain sort of anonymous). The project was formed four years ago or so, and exist ‘to explore the boundaries of what we can do’. The duo did record a hand full of releases in the past (i.e. demonstrational recordings and stuff), and about one year ago they did digitally release the Abyssal Esurience EP. Even-though it was finished and published one year ago (and a couple of days), I still want it to bring to mind.

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