Album Title: 
Sub Contra Blues
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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Oh shoot me...rather than spending hours on finding the correct way of starting this review, why don't I simply slightly re-write (no way shall one ever find mé copy-pasting!) the info sheet I got along with the promo download of this British band, eh? I mean, it doés give a perfect account of what Anacondas stands for. No? Yes? goes then ( as if you've got a choice anyway, uh!?)!

Brighton based Anacondas formed back in 2010 from the ashes of acclaimed British band Johnny Truant, a band which had blazed its way through the last decade with its frenetic, forward-thinking take on Metallic Hardcore. During the final days of that band, guitarist Stuart Hunter conceived a more stripped-down and instrumental based project, dense and progressively Sludge driven, balancing immense heaviness and delicate melody in equal measure.

Re-uniting with his brother James (bass and also formerly of Johnny Truant), and friend Tim Newman on drums, the project became a true band, with all three now sharing vocal duties, resulting at times in tremendously attractive harmonic effect. Huge riffs, provoking resonant passages and driving rhythms draw influences from bands such as Cave-In, Pelican, Alice In Chains and Meshuggah, yet with a distinctly British edge which is somewhat reminiscent of Post-Metal act Swervedriver...and that can only be a good thing, right!? Once the power solidified, the trio set forth to record what would become their debut album (this one!) at local Brighton based Brighton Electric, and had the recordings subsequently mixed at Black Wookie Studio by one Paul WinWinstanley. They then recruited UK producer Russ Russel (of Napalm Death repute) to master the sessions. Next, the trio started promoting the recordings all by themselves, in the process garnering raving press support, with the likes of Metal Hammer UK, Rocksound, Terrorizer and a multitude of online media coming to the band's aid. Having already gained a positive live reputation beforehand, the band also set forth to promoting their material on stage, playing alongside the likes of Earthtone9 and Torche, amongst others. The studio material, from its side, immediately attracted the attention of Germany's Prosthetic, who signed the band during last Summer for an international release of the album.

Well, there you have it...and no words of mine could've put it better, really! The only thing I'm left to do is to tell you that, at the time of checking (only a week ago), the band had nó music posted at its facebook page (www.), but what you wíll find there is a link to Bandcamp, where you're enabled to listen to the album's track “Cold Blooded, Warm Hearted”, which is actually not really too representative of that UK influence being thrown in, but there you have it! I guess that, for samples of the additional 7 songs on the album (which in spite of sporting only 8 songs is still a respectable 38 minutes in length), you might wanna look up the album's page at one of your trusted online sales sites. Meanwhile, I have yet another album to add to my “Best Albums Of 2013” lists!