Album Title: 
Illusion X
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 5, 2014
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Article a Greek Power metalgroup. Members: Mark Boals (Vocals), Mike Dimareli (Guitar/Drums), Chris Dimareli (Keyboards) and Leo Petropoulos (Bass). Greece normally known for their fine extreme Metal…we will see.

Illusion X” opens with “Look in the Mirror” takes directly you attention it starts very slowly with guitar and voices, you can feel the Middle Eastern sphere in this number. “Chasing my life” speeds up the album but then it slow down to ballad rhythm, melodic metal ballads. The opening riff from “Wings of Time” invites you to listen till the where is speeds up, nice! The title track “Illusion X” is very dramatic, much keyboards and pompous chorus. Closing with another ballad “Mother” very intense and fragile a tribute to their mam? All by all a very good album.