Album Title: 
Kingdom Of The Night II (White Edition)
Release Date: 
Friday, February 28, 2014
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25 years ago, Axxis released their ‘Kingdom Of The Night’ album on EMI Records.  To celebrate this, they’ve released ‘Kingdom Of The Night II’, and even made two versions, a Black Edition, that contains heavier tracks, and a White Edition, that contains quieter songs and ballads.  Both albums are separately available. I cannot say anything about the black edition, since I didn’t get a copy of it, so let’s stick to the white edition instead.

If you liked the original KOTN album, then you’ll like this one as well. It doesn’t pack the punch of albums like ‘Utopia’, but it is a good album.  Axxis show why some twentyfive years later they’re still going strong.  As a matter of fact the sound of the album even reminds me a bit of how an album sounded 25 years ago.

Great album by these German rockers!