Album Title: 
Elysian Fields
Release Date: 
Friday, May 17, 2013
Review Type: 

The music takes the time to get the musical message across and while there aren't many show-off passages there is a huge amount of detail in the numerous instruments and vocals that will show themselves on repeated listens. Zappa, King Crimson and even Motorpsycho fans will be able to mine Carpet’s rich seams of passionate, beautifully crafted songs till their minds are buried in Elysian Fields. All comparisons are odious of course, and while Carpet have clearly been influenced by the best in the business, they unarguably have a signature sound. In this album’s 8 tracks you will find inspired compositions, both catchy and obscure moments, new fashioned sound and production. Regarding their music, they have chosen to move between classic and prog rock and I must admit that they have done a great job! The songs seem to have immediate hooks that grab you with just a listen or two signifying that the band has some songwriting talent. Musically and melodically, the German foursome have what it takes, and very obviously they know how to pen a memorable tune.

Elysian Fields provides a pleasurable listening experience that fans of classic/ prog rock should enjoy.